Akemi Mikan

Mikan Akemi Anime

Akemi Manga

Kanji朱美 みかん
Romaji Akemi Mikan
Gender Female
ActorReina Ueda

Akemi Mikan (朱美 みかん Akemi Mikan) is one of the main characters of Jitsu wa Watashi wa.

She is a childhood friend of Kuromine Asahi and constantly bullies him.


Mikan has shoulder-length orange hair and blue eyes.She also wears a fake glasses(that later gets possessed by the god of Fortune) that Kuromine Asahi gave her when she was a child.

Her school uniform has a bow tie, a camera around her neck(the glasses of Fortune in the future) and a big belt around her waist.


She was shown at the start of the series as devilish kind of girl. After the incident of the God of Fortune suddenly appear in her glasses, she slowly becoming ladylike to Kuromine Asahi. Her devilish attitude still hasn't change to other people except for Kiryuin Rin as she is being treated as a granddaughter to her


She is the president of the newspaper club, and has used her tenure to turn it into a supermarket tabloid. She wears fake glasses Asahi won at a carnival when they were younger, and they later become the host of a fortune god, which ends up causing her more misfortune than not. She has two younger brothers whom she takes care of.




Kuromine AsahiEdit

Secretly she likes Asahi, but perceives her lack of femininity as a barrier she cannot overcome, and keep chasing him ever since she and Asahi went to the future to help Rin prevent from turning the world from being overruned by a "pervert" queen. She also confessed when they are in the future.

Rin KiryūinEdit

Time traveling grand daughter from the future. As time goes by when Rin is still in their timeline, she began to become more like a grandmother to Rin.

Shiragami Youko Edit

She's a rival and a friend to her. She wishes to be friends with Shiragami Youko but also wanting to be her rival towards Kuromine Asahi. She also cooperate to make the absolute worst russian roulette creme with her for Shiragami Yōko to show that she is more mature than Akane

Nagisa Aizawa Edit

She's just someone who Akemi Mikan wants to just interview until she was discovered by Nagisa Aizawa when she just directly propose to Kuromine Asahi when they both accidentally met at a nearby bridge. Now, she's considered a rival and friends much like Shiragami Youko and one formidable foe(like the battle of a dragon and a tiger)