Akane Kōmoto

Akane Kōmoto Anime


Kanji紅本 茜
Romaji Kōmoto Akane
Gender Female
ActorMao Ichimichi

Akane Kōmoto is the principal of Asahi's high school and a thousand year old demon who is the ancestor of Akari Kōmoto.

She is capable of transforming herself and others around her, as well as multiplying herself.

Akane has two helpers where one is the angel Karen Shirogane, who Akane made into a fallen angel after stealing her halo and used it as a light bulb; the other is Tesaki who is an elderly human that once taught for a cooking class Akari participated in. He was Akane's pupil in the past and is a reoccurring character who participates in Akane's schemes.


She has the body of a young girl with demonic horns.


She has a childish behavior. Though rarely ever seen by the normal students, she often causes mischief for Asahi and company, and has a weakness for sweets. Akane is possibly the most powerful character in the series as she is capable of destroying the world or granting the wishes of others on a whim.

Akane gets lonely when one of her descendants gets married.


She was the teacher of Yōko's parents when they attended her high school.



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