Kuromine Asahi

Asahi Kuromine Anime

Kuromine Asahi

Kanji黒峰 朝陽
Romaji Kuromine Asahi
Gender Male
ActorNatsuki Hanae

Kuromine Asahi (黒峰 朝陽 Kuromine Asahi) is the main protagonist of the Jitsu wa Watashi wa series.

He is a second-year high school student who has trouble keeping secrets, earning him the nickname of "ana no aita zaru" (A bag full of holes), or "anazaru" for short. One day, he discovers that his crush, Shiragami Youko, is secretly a vampire and, as a result, must try to keep her secret to avoid her having to leave school.


Asahi has short brown hair and brown eyes.


Kuromine Asahi is shy but always kind to others when it comes to doing something he can't even do. He is also willing to embarass himself to protect others. This is usually seen through his perverted actions (accidentaly caused), thus gaining him the nickname "Eromine Asahi".