Sakurada Kousuke
Gender Male
ActorWataru Hatano
Kousuke Sakurada is friend of Kuromine Asahi.



He is younger than he appears to be, and is often smiling. He is usually the peacekeeper and is usually calm, but if/when he loses his temper, everybody knows to run.


He has a crush on his homeroom teacher Komouto Akari after a certain incident several years ago. From what has been shown, it seems Akari defeated Sakurada. Afterwards, she offered to listen to his problems and encouraged him to smile. Later on, he is revealed to be a sennin as he has gratitude towards all of creation thus granting him enlightenment. With this status, he is on par with Akari even when she uses her demonic strength.



Kuromine AsahiEdit


Shimada YuutaEdit

Kōmoto AkariEdit

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